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We welcome to the team Pixote Hunt!



Martoos Studios is excited to announce our newest member! Disney veteran, Pixote Hunt, joins the team as Art Director, to lead our creative team in designing the movie’s look. His role is to providing leadership for the animation process, determining and guiding the narrative content and visual style, and taking creative responsibility for the entire production team. More…


Casting Heaven|The First war


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For the past week, Ned Lott our Voice & Casting Director has personally met with key celebrity agents in LA who are looking forward to teaming up with us on Heaven: The First War. This is only the first step in getting the celebrity voices we will need for the film.


Environmental Design for Heaven | The First War


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Our Character design  process is in its final stages. Now we need to come up with ideas of how the environment might look. In this stage we will decide on the look and feel of the architecture and landscape. This is the world where these characters will live. It must be impressive, something that has not been seen before, other-worldly in its nature, yet still relatable. This process is very important. More…


Heaven | The First War Begins Storyboarding


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As we continue with the Character development, we have started working on the storyboarding of the full screenplay! This is a very exciting time for us, as the storyboard will drive everything that we do from now on. The Lord has blessed us as we move forward in faith, like Moses standing at the red sea while pharaoh’s army was converging on God’s people, we too had to take that step on faith in order for us to move forward to meet the great challenge of completing this project. More…


Concept Art + Illustrations



This week has been one of great excitement as we begin the process of creating concept art for the characters and the look of the overall film. We have been fortunate to have a few concept artists start working on these characters. We are looking forward to sharing more updates with you about our progress as we continue to push forward. More…


The Next Epic Christian Film?



Animated Christian projects have always been a hit or miss for me. I remember as a kid watching television shows like Hanna-Barbera’s Greatest Adventure: Stories from the Bible where Derek, Margo, and Moki took me back in time to the stories I would hear about in the Bible. More…


The Controversy Between Good & Evil Goes Full Hollywood



To talk to Delroy Brown, the creative mind behind an ambitious animated film project based on the Great Controversy motif, it’s not hard to see why top talent in Hollywood would be drawn to work on the project. More…

Meet the Team,News

Introducing Brenda Lane: Music Director + Song Writer



Brenda Lane is a gifted song writer and composer, creating songs for our characters to sing in the animated filmListen to samples of some of her previous works by Lila Cervantes.